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Always in demand

MD Policedogs is constantly on the look-out for dogs that are suitable for training as police dogs. First and foremost, we are looking for shepherd dogs but pointers are also welcome, both male dogs and bitches.

Some characteristics we take into account:
  • Dogs which like to chase a ball or other object both inside and outside
  • Dogs with a very good impulse to search and fetch
  • Male dogs which can be ordered to bite while on a short lead and/or let off the lead at some distance from the target and allowed to act autonomously.
  • Certified dogs (KNPV, IPO), both male dogs and bitches.
  • Advanced dogs which have mastered basic commands and can be deployed both at close quarters and at a distance
  • Malinois sheepdog, Dutch sheepdog, Alsatian, Labrador and pointer breeds

Is your dog a police dog?

Do you have one or perhaps several dogs which exhibit the characteristics set out above? Please feel free to contact us. You will find our contact details on the left-hand side of this site under the menu.