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MD Policedogs supplies to both private individuals and businesses, and has a great deal of experience with both. Rearing and training as well as delivery of top dogs.

MD Policedogs has as its clientele a range of government bodies around the world. Among other customers, we deliver to: armies, customs, police and other government bodies. In addition, we regularly supply dogs for Dutch security firms, police forces and airports. These dogs are specially selected and trained by us. Prior to deployment, each dog undergoes a comprehensive examination.

Private individuals

Alongside the professional market, demand is also growing among private individuals. A professionally trained guard dog protects your family and your home, creating a feeling of security.

Burglars are becoming increasingly inventive at circumventing alarm systems. These thieves often also know exactly when you are at home and when you are out. In this case, too, you can rely on a guard dog from MD Policedogs to give you peace of mind. We would be pleased to discuss the possibilities with you.